COVID-19 instructions

health and safety protocols in place zante palace

We know your are already day dreaming of Zante Palace and Zakynthos island, but if you are feeling unwell or have any possible Covid-19 symptoms, do visit your doctor before traveling. Either on arrival or on some next day, guests may have their temperature taken using a contactless thermometer. Those showing any symptoms of coronavirus will be asked to isolate in their hotel room, until our doctor visits them and gives them further instructions.

Caring for the Zante Palace programme puts the protection of you and our staff on absolute top priority. This is accomplished by taking all the measures required by the National legislation and following the health authorities guidelines, but also implementing additional protocols, adapted to our facilites and processes. Moreover, we are closely monitoring all the new rules and guidance by the National authorities and international bodies.

The major elements of our programme include:

  • Our staff has been trained in the new operating rules and we are equipped with all the means to disinfect the rooms after checking out our guests and the common areas on a frequent basis.
  • A special coordinator has been appointed as the person in charge to ensure that all health and safety measures determined are implemented.
  • We provide each member of the staff with adequate personal protection equipment.
  • There is special medical kit in place, in the event of an incident.
  • In the reception and in several common areas in the hotel, there is antiseptic with at least 75% alcohol for visitors.
  • According to the physical distance regulations, protective glass panels are installed at the reception and the breakfast serving buffet. There are also changes in the layout of the hotel areas/services to reflect the safe distancing.
  • Disinfection of keys and all high-risk, hιgh-touch items, objects and surfaces.
  • Disinfection of the rooms using steam cleaner prior to your arrival.
  • Collaboration with a hotel doctor and the health authorities in case of COVID-19.
  • We keep a file with the guests that will be hosted at the hotel (name, nationality, date of arrival, departure day, telephone number, e-mail, address).

As a guest you have to respect the following:

  • New check out time is 10:30 and new check in time is 15:00
  • Unregistered guests are not allowed to enter the rooms.
  • Upon arrival, you will receive a registration form to be filled with the details of all the guests in your room (name, passport number, phone number, country, nationality).
  • During check-in our guests are required to read and agree with the Public Health Hotel Guest Information & Statement.
  • Additional safety and hygiene rules and conditions apply to the use of our pool area.
  • A safe distance must be maintained (more than 1,5 meters) between guests and hotel staff and between guests from different rooms.
  • Wash both hands regularly with soap and water, following the handwashing instructions.
  • Follow and respect all safety signs and also the guidelines of the staff.
  • Payment: we recommend the use of credit cards and online payments.
  • If you feel unwell stay in your room and contact the reception (int. 9, ext. +30 2695049090 / +30 6936836444) or hotel’s Health Officer (+30 6932282158 ) for advice on what to do next.